Splat the Rat

There are certain fete ideas that have become so much part of the culture associated with English country fairs and fundraising activities that we take them for granted, but I have to wonder who thought up the idea of splatting a rat as it emerges from a plastic tube and what made them think it would make money?

Some say that “Splat the Rat” orginated in the trenches of World War 1 when army personnel invented crude ways to kill the rats that infested the trenches. Nowadays our “game” is centred around a wooden board stood up on end with alength of drain pipe attached from which emerges the bean bag rat to be splattered. Whatever the answer, it’s always a popular attraction and even Lions enjoy having a play given the chance. I have to confess to having a go myself, but was such a miserable failure that I didn’t even get a consolation prize of a lollipop.

This year at the Sheldon Country Fayre, Splat the Rat was enjoyed by many and is proving to be an essentail and popular part if our fundraising activities.


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