Santa’s Magic Rubs Off

As a small child, I found the magic of Christmas palpable. I’d imagine what it would be like to visit Santa’s home and watch the elves making the toys. I’d try extra hard to be really good in the hope that I’d get something really nice at Christmas and my sister and I would sit at the bedroom window on the Christmas Eve trying to get a glimpse of Santa’s sleigh.

As I’ve got older the magic has dulled. Instead of feeling the joy and humanity of the season, I feel isolated and sad. Despite this I do  believe in Santa. He is as real to me now as he was when I was six years old, with my face pressed against the window looking up for Rudolph’s red glow on Christmas Eve.

Today, though, I was given a second chance to experience the magic of Christmas as I watched the surprise and delight on a deaf child’s face as she signed  to Santa and he signed back to her.The girl couldn’t stop smiling as she signed her Christmas wishes to Santa and promised milk and cookies for him and carrots for the Reindeer  on Christmas Eve.

Her mother told me that this was the first time that they’d found a Santa who could sign. She explained that her daughter loved seeing Santa, but that it was frustrating for her not to be able to tell him what she wanted. The experience was very moving. As I stood watching the expressions and excitement on the child’s face I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes welled with tears. Looking to my side, I saw that one of Santa’s elves and the child’s mother were also emotional.

So, today I would like to thank Santa and his friends at Castle Bromwich Lions for putting the magic back into Christmas for me, for including a child normally excluded from the magic of communicating directly with Santa and for showing that Christmas is every bit as much about giving as it is about receiving.


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