Me and Dee – An Emotional Response

Something I read today took me on a journey to my past. A journey that made me stop, smile and shed a few tears. A journey that really helped to put things in perspective.

It’s the tradition in Lions for the District Governor’s Partner to organise a project for the year. I was reading today that Christine has decided that Me and Dee will be the beneficiary of her project when Simon takes over the reigns as District Governor for Lions District 105M. I’d no idea what type of organisation Me and Dee is, so I turned to my friend Google and my journey commenced.

Me and Dee is a small charity set up by Maria Hanson to provide treats and special moments for people with life threatening and shortening conditions. As I read about the treats and support that the charity provides I was choked with emotion. Those who know me well will realise why. I was 18 when my life was turned upside down. In the space of 18 months my father and 10 year old brother both died of cancer and my Grandmother died from Diabetic complications. Reading of the special moments Me and Dee has provided and seeing the enjoyment and memories which they provided took me back to my teenage years and the special moments that my brother and I shared as he was dying.


It would be easy to think that a diagnosis of a terminal illness in a young child within weeks of his father’s death would be a totally negative experience for all concerned. The reality was somewhat different. Those days for me were a roller coaster of emotions where the smallest things could bring immeasurable joy to counterbalance the worry and sadness that I felt at other times. Many years on the things that I remember are the small moments of kindness from others and the smiles on my brother’s face when he was able to experience a normal life and enjoy visits to parks and fairs.

It’s not often that I feel a need to support a charity financially. It’s not often that I wholeheartedly support the aims of a charity. It’s even less often these days that I feel that a charity is providing something life changing that wouldn’t be provided by any other means. But, Me and Dee is a charity that I wholeheartedly support, that is providing something that isn’t provided by the NHS or any statutory body and which I know from personal experience is providing a dream that will live for ever in the lives of those touched by it. Simon intends to run a number of 10-15k races in support of Christine’s Project and Me and Dee. Look out for further details on his blog if you wish to support him and help provide people with life threatening and shortening conditions with a few magic moments.

“You can shed tears that they are gone, or you can smile because they lived, you can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back. Or you can do what they would want…smile…open your eyes…love…and go on”. Me and Dee are helping to provide those special moments that allow those with life limiting and shortening conditions to experience some joy and for their loved ones to smile, open their eyes, love and go on.


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