About Me

So, who is writing this blog? I am a Member of Castle Bromwich & District Lions Club where I currently hold the post of Club Secretary. This year I am also Competitions Officer for District 105M.

In retrospect, I’m a life long volunteer; although, I haven’t always recognised that I was volunteering. From an early age I was encouraged to help elderly neighbours with their shopping and gardening; I would help out in the local Library by categorising and filing the books and I used to take guided tours around my school, this being Hinchingbrooke House in Cambridgeshire, the ancestoral home of the Earls of Sandwich and prior to that the Cromwell family (Oliver’s Uncle.) In more recent years, along with my husband I formed a local charity which I am still involved with as well as being a member of Castle Bromwich Lions.

I also spend time mentoring parents of children on the Autistic Spectrum particularly in regards to obtaining appropriate educational provision for their children. A Consultant once said to me that hopefully you only have to obtain special educational provision once in your life, but once you’ve learned how to get it, it’s too late. I hope that my experience will help others to get the provision before it’s too late.

On a lighter note, I love Scrapbooking, Photography and researching my family history.

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