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Scrapbooking – My Life as a Lion

Scrapbooking and gardening are two of my favourite passtimes, so how nice to be able to combine them with being a Lion. Both activities help me to work things out or sometimes to stop the process of trying to work things out and to relax. If I can also combine that with helping someone else, […]

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Lions Peace Poster Competition

I was browsing through youtube yesterday when I came across this video promoting the Lions Peace Poster Competition. I probably go around with my eyes closed, but I haven’t seen anything anywhere which makes Lions Clubs aware of the existence of this video which could be used to promote the competition in schools and youth […]

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Splat the Rat

There are certain fete ideas that have become so much part of the culture associated with English country fairs and fundraising activities that we take them for granted, but I have to wonder who thought up the idea of splatting a rat as it emerges from a plastic tube and what made them think it […]

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